to the guildhall with pride


Michael (NILD), Andrew & Dave (Belfast Pride), and Stephen (NILD) with a rainbow flag.

We were proud to be involved in a little bit of history at the weekend.

Congratulations to Foyle Pride for their inaugural Pride March in Derry/Londonderry on Saturday, 28 September 2010. Despite not having a banner of our own, some members of NI LibDems were present in differing guises.

From Railway Station to Guildhall via a walled city... Foyle Pride 2010

The parade, which followed the route of 1968 Civil Rights March, travelled from Waterside Railway Station across the Craigavon Bridge and into the city, through the Diamond and then it was fantastic to see the rainbow flag going down Shipquay Street from the walled city out into Guildhall Square.

There were many horns blaring in support from the motorists on the Craigavon Bridge who were heading in the other direction. This together with the friendly atmosphere in Guildhall Square made the day very enjoyable.

One report of the day is below.


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