Belfast Liberal Drinks: Pint the First


Last night saw the inaugural Liberal Drinks in Belfast.

Organised by Mícheál Carchrie Campbell it was a chance to welcome two of the newly transferred members into the Northern Ireland party. Stephen Glenn former Linlithgow and East Falkirk Westminster candidate recently arrived from Bathgate and Aberdeen University student Stephen McFarland. It was also great to have Linda Jack who was over on one of her trips with work joining us. Keith McGrellis and Andrew McFarland, no relation to Stephen but who was with Stephen G and Mícheál at Foyle Pride, made up the rest of the group.

The initial plan had been to meet up at the Northern Whig on Bridge Street. However, Stephen McFarland’s boyish looks drew the attention of the doorman and his ID showing him old enough to drink but to be under 21 led to a swift change of location. So we headed just around the corner to the John Hewitt, Donegall Street which had a far more Liberal door policy and in keeping with the law of the land. This was a fine substitute although Mr Glenn had to make a couple of excursions back to the original venue to check for Linda or anyone else who may not have seen the frantic location updates on Facebook.

There was wide ranging conversation over a whole host of subjects, not all politics, though there was enough to lift Andrew McFarland’s knowledge above that of a turnip. So much so that he became the latest potential sign up on the Stephen and Mícheál nationwide recruitment drive, when he was handed a membership form and proffered a pen at a convenient part of the evening.

Those who were heading Ballymoney or Bangor-wards made their respective trains as the night came to an end before those who were Belfast-based, at least for the evening, also said their goodbyes on a rather successful evening.


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