one more family gets its loved one’s remains back: time for the rest to be found


Cross posted at Gyronny Herald

With the news that the remains of Charlie Armstrong, one of the so-called ‘Disappeared’ have been identified by DNA, another family will have their loved one’s remains returned to them for burial. The disappeared include:




1 Joseph Lynskey Summer 1972 PIRA
2 Seamus Wright Oct 1972 PIRA
3 Kevin McKee Oct 1972 PIRA
4 Jean McConville Dec 1972 PIRA Body recovered 2003
5 Peter Wilson Aug 1973
6 Eamon Molloy Jul 1975 PIRA Body recovered 1999
7 Columba McVeigh Oct 1975 PIRA
8 Robert Nairac May 1977 PIRA
9 Brendan Megraw Apr 1978 PIRA
10 John McClory May 1978 PIRA Body recovered 1999
11 Brian McKinney May 1978 PIRA Body recovered 1999
12 Gerard Evans May 1979
13 Danny McIlhone Jul 1981 PIRA Body recoverd 2008
14 Charlie Armstrong Aug 1981
15 Eugene Simons Jan 1984 Body recovered 1984
16 Seamus Ruddy May 1985 INLA

Further information about those who are still missing can be read here. I hope that anyone who knows anything about the remains of those who have not been recovered will contact the Independent Commission for the Location of Victims Remains – An Coimisiún Neamhspleách um Aimsiú Taisí Íospartach.


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