a black hole: who’s who in the liberal democrats…


Just been entering my details on Who’s Who in the Liberal Democrats and come across a couple of minor problems.

Minor problem number 1

I am a member of the Northern Ireland local party – indeed I am currently chair. However, although I can put my constituency in (Belfast North), there is no region for me I have decided to put in “Devon & Cornwall” to show my Cornish heritage. This is, however, not very satisfactory. I believe that my fellow blogger, Stephen Glenn, may have put “Scotland”.

Minor problem number 2

Although this category does not apply to me, I saw that there was a subset of “MP” so clicked and found it was “Shadow Cabinet”. Surely this now needs to be changed to include “Cabinet” as well. After all the Liberal Democrats are in the Coalition Government since May 2010.

Party website problem

There is a slight problem on the main LibDem website on the in your area page too. This happens every time there is an update of the website. On this occasion it is even more annoying since the website designers are based in Belfast! There is no mention of the Northern Ireland local party. Formerly it gave details for our sister party the Alliance Party, but now it doesn’t even seem to do that. I must write and get this changed! Will let you all know what happens.

Of course our own blog Liberal Democrats in Northern Ireland seems to be assisting with the recognition of the LibDems here in the province.

Back to WWLD… perhaps there should be a category for bloggers, and another for twitter.


I have just written to the Liberal Democrats website team (on the website contacts page) to seek rectification of the lack of NI local party, I’ll update you when I get their response. Also, here’s Stephen’s take on the subject.


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