support for ‘unite sporting weekend’ 15-17 october


IFA & GAA unite against hateOngoing support against hate crime

I am delighted that the IFA, GAA, and Belfast Giants are continuing to support the Unite against Hate campaign with the next Unite Sporting Weekend taking place this weekend coming.

As Vice Chair of the LGBT Independent Advisory Group to the PSNI, I appreciate the work that the PSNI put in to this cause. Combating hate crime in our country and throughout the world is an important work. I know that many will support this campaign. I hope that they will wear the campaign bracelet that is available as a visible sign of uniting against hate.

The UNITE AGAINST HATE embraces the Northern Ireland Government’s vision for the future of Northern Ireland as:

“A peaceful, inclusive, prosperous, stable and fair society firmly founded on the achievement of reconciliation, tolerance, and mutual trust and the protection and vindication of human rights for all”.


  1. To inspire and to unite. Change to a more tolerant and peaceful Northern Ireland is both desirable and possible. We need to have the optimism, hope and confidence that we can work together to bring it about
  2. To sensitise general public to the problem of hate crime and its real costs. Hate crime destroys the lives of all of us through the damage it does to the quality of life, our reputation and our economy.
  3. To create a climate of zero tolerance for hate crime and discrimination. Hate crime is violent and wrong; it will not be tolerated. There is no room in Northern Ireland for sectarian, racist, homophobic, transphobic, religious or disability related hate crime. This will continue to be vigorously implemented through the promotion of equality and the enforcement of rights.
  4. To promote diversity. Living with diversity is an integral part of modern life and we all need to take responsibility for creating an atmosphere where diversity is accepted as normal. We need to recognise benefits of diversity.

I urge everyone attending any sporting events over the weekend to look out for the Unite against Hate campaign, if you want to get involved you can visit its website by clicking on the logo to the right.

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