we must not let the thugs take us back in time


Northern Ireland for the relatively uninformed people of the rest of the United Kingdom is peaceful. Or so they think. Last night, a police officer was taken to hospital after suffering a head injury in Ballyclare, County Antrim. He was on a routine patrol. He has subsequently been released. Some time later, other police vehicles and officers were attacked by petrol bombs.

Who are these attackers?

They are masked thugs. Thugs who hide behind masks rather than showing their faces. Thugs who know that the vast majority of Northern Irish society is not behind them. But they seem intent on taking us back to the bad days of ‘the Troubles. We must not let the thugs take us back in time. Northern Ireland is moving steadily forward: the days of the past are gone.

Perhaps these masked men thugs are behind whatever criminality had the PSNI in the Grange estate in the first instance. The Police Service of Northern Ireland will keep going back and investigating, as the vast majority of the estate will be glad to know.

If anyone has any information about the attacks in Ballyclare, or any other information useful to the PSNI, please contact them on<strong> 0845 600 8000</strong>.

cross posted from: Gyronny Herald and Michael Campbell


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