a passion for ending injustice


What is the Social Liberal Forum?

David Hall-Matthews writes:

The Social Liberal Forum is a group within the Liberal Democrats run by members and activists.  Its aim is simple.  It is to make sure that party policy and direction develops and retails a Social Liberal approach.

This may sound rather esoteric.  But it is quite simply about making sure that our party maintains its passion for ending injustice and for working towards a fair society and ensuring that no one is “enslaved by poverty”.

We’re all aware that both in Government and in local councils up and down the country, the party has difficult decisions to take.  But it’s important that those decisions don’t create more unfairness or create more poverty.

We also know that it is the Social Liberal beliefs of our party that keep us distinctive – quite a challenge when working in coalitions.

You can find out more about the organisation at http://socialliberal.net

So what do we actually do?

Forum organisers work on developing policy, organising conference motions, running meetings and creating a space for activists to discuss and develop ideas.  We also keep in touch with other progressive organisations and help with joint initiatives when we believe it’s in the interests of the party.

We are not anti leadership or anti coalition.  We strongly believe that we represent the mainstream of our party.  We care deeply about the direction of the Lib Dems.

More than 700 people have so far joined the Social Liberal Forum.  You can do the same by going to http://socialliberal.net and signing up.  You’ll get a regular e bulletin.  More importantly you’ll get the chance to get involved and help us make sure the party stays true to its ideals.

We do hope you’ll join us at  http://socialliberal.net/

David Hall Matthews
Chair, Social Liberal Forum


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