Gracious, principled, and preparing to fight again – one candidate is missed


Alex Cole-Hamilton's gracious tweet on election night 2011.

Alex Cole-Hamilton

Caron Lindsay has well and truly summed up the results for our friends in the Scottish Liberal Democrats. One of our contributors who has been somewhat busy with the Yes to Fairer Votes campaign here stood for the Party‘s nomination for Edinburgh Central last year. Stephen Glenn didn’t get the nomination, Alex Cole-Hamiltondid. Even though Alex didn’t get in, I completely agree with what Caron said about him on her blog.

Alex Cole-Hamilton didn’t win Edinburgh Central, despite running the most inspirational and energetic Liberal Democrat campaign in Scotland. He’s unlikely to get in on the list either because Margaret Smith will likely be the only Lib Dem elected, if there is one at all in Lothians. I will admit to a bit of a cry when I read this gracious  tweet from him.

If my defeat tonight is part payment so that no child will spend another night in a detention centre then I accept it, with all my heart.

Principles run deep with him, and his dedication to children shows. I’m gutted he won’t be there, this Parliament at least.


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