Northern Ireland saying Yes?


Yes! logoIt’s great to be back after six months not posting on this blog. Although the last couple of days haven’t been a great day for the Liberal Democrats across the UK.

The reason for my absense from this blog over the last six months was of course because I was working with so many people from many political allegences and from none to try and secure a Yes! vote in the Alternative Vote referendum. Despite me being at the count centre in Newtownards for 15 hours yesterday until we had counted the Yeses and Noes for North Down, Strangford and Belfast East we still haven’t got the full Northern Ireland picture for the referendum and we are waiting that to conclude once the counts resume at 9am this morning.

However, last night Sky TV stuck their neck out and declared that Northern Ireland were going to say Yes!, some of the results from some of the centres indicate that this may be the case, but not all the results make that quite so clear. I am waiting with baited breathe to find out.

However, today I shall also be attending a Ceremony of Commitment, following his Civil Partnership yesterday, for my fellow contributor to this blog. So I’m hoping to deliver to Michael the perfect ‘wedding’ present a nice big Yes! for all the hard work he also has been doing for the campaign.


One thought on “Northern Ireland saying Yes?

  1. In the end Northern Ireland didn’t say Yes! although 43.87% of us did. This is no small feat. Against the backdrop of both the Assembly and District Council elections we secured the highest percentage for the Alternative Vote in any of the nations/regions.

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