bombing is not the way forward


Disruption to life once more in the North West

On Saturday 21 May 2011 there was a security alert at the NW200 Ireland’s most famous road race. This alert was declared a hoax after police had searched the paddock. Unfortunately, there was only one race completed this year as on top of the hoax alert there was a major oil spill which meant that the event had to be abandoned. So bad luck on top of the actions of those responsible for the hoax security alert has meant that thousands of fans of motorcycling have gone away with very little seen this year.

This is very disappointing for the fans, as well as for the riders. However, safety is always important. I hope that next year the races will be back on and running safely.

Also today there was an explosion in Derry. Police Chief Inspector John Burrows has said that

there was sheer panic…
There were young children who had to be evacuated. People could have been killed when this explosion went off.

Fortunately there were no reports of injuries or damage when the bomb did go off. The bomb was thrown into a branch of the bank Santander in Shipquay Street by masked men.

Both these events today have been undertaken by people who are the enemies of liberty, equality and community. I call on anyone who has any information concerning these two crimes to report this to the Police Service of Northern Ireland as quickly as possible. It is vital that the criminals behind these events are found and brought to justice.


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