Condemnation of bombing City of Culture offices and fireworks thrown at football match


This evening we have heard that the City of Culture Offices have been bombed by dissident republicans and Portadown football fans threw a firework at the Glentoran bench injuring the assistant manager and goalkeeping coach atthe Oval.

Local party membership officer and two time general election candidate for Linlithgow and East Falkirk Stephen Glenn said:

“The bombers who have once again decided to attack the offices in Derry have the only culture nobody here in Northern Ireland wants to celebrate.

“The recent opening of the peace bridge across the Foyle is as much a symbol that the people of my father’s city and the rest of Northern Ireland want to move on. The award of City of Culture status for 2013 was because all aspects of culture in the North West are going to be celebrated, people are willing to learn and honour cultures more openly now than they have in the past.”

On the issue of the football incident he added.

“We have had two incidents in Northern Ireland tonight that have had the potential to cause injury. Sadly the one that has had occured at a game of football.

“It is a shame that football fans think that bringing fireworks or throwing anything unto the pitch of a sports event is going to bring pleasure. The one thing it is likely to do is take that pleasure away from another generation of young people. Many of those who grew up in the 70s and 80s didn’t have the pleasure that others elsewhere did in feeling able to follow their team everywhere, such acts of stupidity may as easily have happened in the stands as on the pitch putting lives or health of many at risk.”



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