Worrying insight into prejudice in Northern Ireland


The Equality Commission NI has published a worrying report looking at social attitudes to different communities in Northern Ireland.

Taken from the Equality Commission Northern Ireland report Do You Mean Me? (2012)

Over on LGBT+ Lib Dems NI there is a look at the issues surrounding the LGBT findings. But in summary while the attitudes to those of other religions is one of the better findings.  Emigrant workers are more welcome as neighbours and in-laws than a lesbian, gay or bisexual, though the LGB fare better in the workplace on that split. But transgender and travelers are sadly together at the peak, with transgender only more accepted as neighbours than the travelers by any margin.

As the commission’s chief commissioner Michael Wardlow said:

“This is a worrying insight into the population’s psyche and proves that much work remains to be done to break down barriers in our mindsets to create a fairer and more equal society for everyone in Northern Ireland.”

More work needs to be done by our political leaders in portraying the right attitudes themselves especially to LGBT issues, so that others will be able to follow into a shared, equal future.

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