“Until we meet again” – best wishes to Stephen Glenn as he moves even further North.


Stephen GlennIt has been about a month since Stephen Glenn (of this parish) left our shores to head to Kirkwall (albeit via Eastleigh) but it has been a bit remiss of us not to wish our fellow Northern Irish Liberal Democrat all the very best in his new role as Parliamentary Assistant to Alistair Carmichael MP. We have benefited greatly from his expertise particularly in kickstarting this collective blog – but we also remember his wonderful knowledge for most of the most obscure quiz questions. I know that he his heading to Scottish Conference at the weekend, and I had a very enjoyable time with him at a previous one. The events of the journey travelling there seem somewhat appropriate for the eve of the great Abortion Debate in the Northern Ireland Assembly tomorrow. For those that don’t know, both Stephen and I blogged on LibDemsNI.org on the same topic, sat opposite each other on the Stena HSS to Stranraer. What we didn’t realise until we showed each other the posts, that we had used the same illustration for the post.

Stephen, you and I will remain firm friends, and I am sure this is the case for all of us here in the local party who have come to know you when you were here. We look forward to welcoming you home in May – I assume you’re still intent on running the Belfast Marathon!


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