They know history, and want to repeat it.


Those of us who lived through the contentious summers of the late 90s in the interface areas of North Belfast would never in our earthly lives want to see the hell ignited by parade “protests” rekindled on our streets. But there are those who delight in at least taunting their fellow citizens with the possibility of doing just that. Some very apt, succinct words from Tom Campbell, Alliance Councillor representing the University DEA on Newtownabbey Council


The threat from the Orange Order that there will be further trouble “up to civil disobedience” because they are not getting their own way is again highly irresponsible and implies to their less intelligent camp followers (of whom there are many) a license to riot, commit criminal damage and assault Police. For an organisation supposedly devoted to the rule of law, these sorts of threats are grossly irresponsible. I question also the participation of members of the “moderate” UUP who have failed to distance themselves from this dangerous course.


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