Statement in response to the events of 8 October, 2013


The Northern Ireland Liberal Democrats wish to express their condemnation of, and disgust at, the actions of those who today saw fit to bring fear and disruption to bear against our sister party and its neighbours in East Belfast.

Conflict resolution is an evolutionary process. The environment changes, and attributes which once gave advantage no longer do. Many actors in our society who once spoke only in the language of violence have chosen to adapt to this change, and now pursue the needs and concerns of their constituencies with the new advantages given to them by participation in political, social and economic processes. As this year of attacks on, and threats to, Alliance has shown, a small number of the ruthless still seek to try in vain to resurrect the advantages once gained for them by thuggery. 

We are always proud to stand as one with our friends and colleagues in Alliance, never more than when they are threatened by those who would, without thought of consequence, destroy the political and social progress for which Alliance has so tirelessly fought since its foundation.


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