A Truly Wonderful Life


A Truly Wonderful Life

It is with the deepest sadness that the Northern Ireland Liberal Democrats receive the news of the death of Mrs Helena Alderdice. Many, in many realms of life, especially in her beloved Ballymena and Glens, mourn her loss, while giving thanks for the great, great deal that she gave, and for the wealth of memories and inspiration which we hope will offer what comfort and condolence are possible to her family, especially as they approach what will be for them a most difficult time of year.

We give thanks for all that she and Rev. Alderdice gave to their family, a family which has in turn, strengthened by their love and impassioned by their example, given so much to so many aspects of life in this Province; especially to Liberal politics, and to the politics – a pale, inadequate word to represent so much impetus and substance – of reconciliation and peace. We, the citizens of 21st Century Northern Ireland, are all her inheritors.

Her inspiration and love meant so much to the bringing of peace and light in this life. She rests forever in that light and peace.


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