Government in Turmoil


The events of the today with the Government in meltdown has become an embarrassment as hour upon hour rolls on. Last night after a day of talking to her Cabinet Ministers one by one the Prime Minister presented her agreement for an Exit from the EU to the Cabinet as a whole. This morning resignations and then questions asked of her in the House of Commons show she has lost control of Brexit.

Here in Northern Ireland of course the DUP have returned to the word we all associate with them most. No! No! The DUP have propped up the Conservative Government since the 2017 General Election, but have failed at every step to recognise and acknowledge that the majority in Northern Ireland voted to remain in the EU. They have also failed to come up with anything constructive to make an Exit from the EU palatable to the majority here in Northern Ireland.

The Liberal Democrats have consistently fought Brexit from the beginning. We warned of many of the things the Government has now realised cannot be achieved outside the EU. After the referendum we have always insisted that the people have a vote on the final deal that the Government come up with, a People’s Vote.

Here in Northern Ireland when we had a referendum on the Good Friday Agreement every household had a  copy of the agreement sent to them. Across the see before the people of Scotland voted on whether they should leave or remain in the UK there was a 612 page book laying out what that would me. The referendum on Brexit was held before anybody actually knew what it was about. All the promises, supossition and blue sky thinking from the Leave campaign were not agreements and often not factually possible. This agreement now shows what can be achieved.

We need to now have an informed People’s Vote. Unlike Jeremy Corbyn said this week it is not too late to Exit from Brexit. Write to your MPs and sign the Liberal Democrat petition asking them for a People’s Vote and a right to Exit from Brexit.

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