Northern Ireland Lib Dem Chair pays tribute to Sean Morrin

Sean Morrin at Foyle Pride. (Photo: Anne Ramsey)

Sean Morrin at Foyle Pride. (Photo: Anne Ramsey)

Responding to the sad news that Sean Morrin, a lifelong human rights activist and trade unionist, who died in Derry at the weekend, Northern Ireland Liberal Democrats Chair, John O’Neill said,

Sean Morrin’s untimely death brings to an end too soon a life lived in unstinting commitment to equality and freedom for all the people of Northern Ireland, especially those of his beloved home city.

Sean was a great man who campaigned for human rights for everyone especially for rights for those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender in our society. On behalf of the local Liberal Democrats, I express our sadness at his passing, but we hope that everyone who knew him will continue to work for the equality that was so much a part of his life.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends, and work colleagues at this time.


Gather for peace, democracy, and justice – Lib Dems call for support


Michael Carchrie Campbell, chair of the Northern Ireland Liberal Democrats today urged support for the ICTU NI-organised assembly at Belfast City Hall tomorrow from 1pm to 1.15pm to show our publici abhorrence at the murder of PC Ronan Kerr.

Michael said:

I will be attending the assembly at Belfast City Hall at 1pm on Wednesday 6th April 2011 to show my abhorrence of the murder of PSNI Constable Ronan Kerr. The assembly is being organised by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions Northern Ireland.


I urge all members of the public to attend and let us all stand firm to show those responsible for Saturday’s atrocity and the many recent and ongoing security alerts across Northern Ireland that they are acting not in our name.

Phil Woolas needs to consider the final outcome of his words before emailing


That campaign was marred by the interference of outside bodies including the Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPAC) and others. MPAC and others campaigned in favour of the Liberal Democrat.

Phil Woolas MP in email
published in Saddleworth News

The above quotation comes from the embattled Labour Member of Parliament for Oldham East & Saddleworth in an email as quoted by Saddleworth News.

A quick question for Mr Woolas. If it is not okay for MPAC to support the Liberal Democrat candidate, why is it okay for the Trade Unions to support the Labour one?

Is this a case where a Labour politician is calling for the Trade Union movement not to support candidates in the general election. This would certainly help in making elections fairer for all. But, I don’t think it is a very liberal minded approach.