Belfast Telegraph is church land grab


Oh dear, the city name in the title of Northern Ireland’s biggest paper must have got to them. The above headline about a welcome restoration and regeneration project to St. Columb’s Cathedral.

I was very recently near St. Columb’s as I was attending a funeral in one of the nearby churches which just happens to be on a different part of that city’s walls.

St. Columb's Cathedral

St. Columb's Cathedral

Yeah, that is right St. Columb’s is about 100km away from Belfast in Derry/Londonderry. Perhaps the writer or subeditor needs a brief Northern Irish geography lesson.


Northern Ireland deserves better


Liberal Democrats Yes to Fairer VotesTogether with activists from Yes to Fairer Votes members of the Liberal Democrats in Northern Ireland will be attending the event at Belfast City Hall at 1pm.

Last May three of Belfast’s four MPs were elected on a minority mandate, without the support of a majority of their constituents. More than 70,000 votes were wasted, cast for a candidate who never stood a chance of representing their supporters.

Local party chair, Michael Carchrie Campbell said:

Today I am proud to be attending with party colleagues the event that shows that Belfast is joining fifty towns and cities across the country to help win an historic victory for all voters in the United Kingdom. It’s an argument we can’t afford to lose.

The choice in May is between change and business as usual. In Belfast the status quo is not an option.

Further updates to come.