Vote Andrew Reeves № 1


Andrew and Roger Reeves cutting their wedding cake.

Stephen Glenn posted earlier in the week about the Total Politics Blog Awards. Having been somewhat busy this week and also under the weather I only got told about his post when he and I were talking this morning about a project of ours. So, I quote:

Yeah it is that time of year where I have to decide whether I should be upfront and blatant of like Uriah Heep and ever so humble. This year for the Total Politics Blog Awards I have have no such qualms.


Yeah I’ve lost a great friend and the world has lost a great blogger. Many of my readers will probably also have been readers of Andrew’s blog either because you follow me since I’m a fellow Lib Dem, spent time in Scotland or are a fellow politico. If you did you should also have been aware of Andrew Reeves’ blog. If not Caron has a good summation of what he covered over the last year until his untimely death in early June. As she says “Andrew wrote punchy, pugnacious posts which made their point with all the subtlety of a pneumatic drill.” The most fitting tribute I could have for him is to finish behind him for the first time in the Total Politics Blog Rankings.

So follow the link the survey you have to fill in at least 5 blogs for your vote to count but you can vote for 10. Just remember.

And just like Stephen, I say

Of course as you have to vote for at least 4 more a preference for me would be appreciated.

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If you want a postal vote in Northern Ireland – you still need a reason.


In Mark Pack‘s excellent post about who gets a postal vote for the Referendum in May, there is one slight problem. It is based on the electoral law as it is in Great Britain. Over here in Northern Ireland the rules on postal voting are not as liberal.

If you are listed on the electoral register but are unable to vote at your polling station in person you can apply to vote by post or proxy. You must provide a reason why you are unable to go to the polling station (e.g. because you will be on holiday or due to illness). The deadline for applying for a postal or proxy vote for the elections and referendum on 5 May 2011 is 5.00pm on 11 April 2011.

from the Electoral Office for Northern Ireland’s website.