Liberal Democrats against Secret Courts


Liberal Democrats against Secret Courts

Having just mentioned that I don’t fully agree with what the Parliamentary Party of the Liberal Democrats is supporting in Westminster, readers may be interested in this website. 


Come on Tim… come on HQ… remember we’re here too


Stephen Glenn speaking at Lib Dem Federal Conference

Stephen Glenn, local membership development officer for the Northern Ireland Liberal Democrats,has just sent an email to Lib Dem HQ and the Party President Tim Farron MP, following the members’ survey highlighted yesterday:

Hi all,

Much as many of the Northern Ireland local party members (Branch 900 for your info) would love to take part in your recent survey on survey monkey you have neglected to include us as an option for location.

We do not fit into any of the English regions, nor are we Scottish or Welsh. We must certainly are part of the UK and not outside the UK, despite some of your team sending us information as if we were in recent months on how we can keep our Westminster votes (something we do in fact have with 18 MPs).

Can you please remember us in future. It is hard enough trying to keep our members here without Great George Street sending out all member mailings that neglect this fact.

Thank you.

Stephen Glenn

As you can see from the above picture, Stephen has spoken [many times!—Ed.] at Federal Party conference, and most recently he has spoken as a Northern Ireland party member. Has the Party forgotten this?

Don’t we get a say on the extra £60 here in Norn Irn


Obviously when the Lib Dems in Government at Westminster talked about increasing the income tax threshold they meant it be for all the UK.

The excellent website, set up by Tim Gordon, asking people what they would do with it however, makes it impossible for me or the rest of our local party to tell people what we would put it towards.

Yes sadly the old problem that some of the rest of the Liberal Democrats seem to forget that we actually exist over here.